Ways Your Cosmetic Dermatologist Can Make You Look Younger

We’ve been in search of the fountain of youth for generations, yet no one has been able to find it yet. Fighting against aging has been a problem for centuries, with each era yielding newer and more exciting techniques to make you look and feel younger. A cosmetic dermatologist in San Antonio is a big part of that. They can use the most effective new methods, whether it’s micro-needling or coolsculpting, to get you as close as possible to looking like you just graduated high school. But how do they do it? The fact is, a cosmetic dermatologist has state of the art equipment and many exciting methods to help you look and feel your best. Here are the ways that your cosmetic dermatologist can help you look younger.


Spider Veins

One of the telltale signs of aging is spider veins. In the past, spider veins could be eliminated by using a saline solution that caused stinging and pain, and for some was almost not worth it for the extreme discomfort. Now, your cosmetic dermatologist can inject the veins with medication that will cause the veins to get absorbed into your body. This method is much less painful and uncomfortable, as it involves needles as thin as a strand of hair. There may be some bruising or swelling after, but you will be left with more youthful looking skin where the spider veins once were.



Micro-needling is another procedure that can decrease the signs of aging. As we get older, our skin can show the wear and tear of the years. As years go by, it can also suffer damage in the form of acne scarring, injury, and other skin ailments. Micro-needling is a process that encourages your body’s natural healing to cure these conditions. Your cosmetic dermatologist will prick the affected area with tiny needles, causing tiny wounds at the spot. Your body will then naturally try to heal those wounds, encouraging collagen to the site. Collagen gives skin its elasticity, so as your skin heals it will look more vibrant and fresh.


They Can De-Droop Your Skin

Another sure sign of aging is droopy skin, especially in the jowls, neck, and face. It used to be that radio-frequency waves were used to attack the affected areas and cause tiny fissures so that, much like in micro-needling, your body would work to heal itself. Unfortunately the procedure caused a lot of burning pain on the skin. Now, they can use targeted infrared, along with some radio-frequency waves, to attack droopy skin and firm it up.


A Nose Job Without the Surgery

Many people don’t realize that our noses get flatter as the years go by. One way to look younger (and less flattened) is to use filler to change its shape. The injection involves special fillers put into the bridge of your nose, where it will plump up the nose and also even out any imperfections. Some botox will also take away any hooking that might be happening at the end of your nose, as hooking can be a sign of aging as well.


There are a lot of beautiful, youthful people in San Antonio. Sometimes it can be overwhelming as you see yourself aging and not looking as good and youthful as you want to. Luckily you can regain some of that youthful vigor and feel confident as well by visiting a cosmetic dermatologist.