Top Pet Tracking Devices

Are you currently scared of losing your dog? Would you fear compromising their own health? Every dog owner does! The hush-hurry existence and also the growing incidences of animal thievery and killing make it imperative for that pet proprietors to go for devices that may exceed geographical limitations and physical achieve to help keep a track on their own pets constantly.

Technologies are simply unstoppable. And wearables are not just for humans any longer – you will get your pets synced track of the most recent devices and gadgets. There’s an growing quantity of tech and application development firms that are developing wearable gadgets for creatures and pets, whether or not to keep an eye on them via Gps navigation or monitor their own health.

Here we have put together top pet tracking devices with smart look and functionality to exhibit them off.


If you are searching for something which can monitor your dog’s movement, PitPatPet is basically for you personally. It’s a United kingdom-based Fitbit for dogs, which boasts a whole year of battery existence to tracking your pet. In addition, this super device also makes certain that your dog gets enough exercise. Also? PitPatPet will explain whether it notices any alterations in your canine’s active behavior. More to the point, this product is totally waterproof and suitable for iOS in addition to Android phones.

Marco Polo and Garmin Astro 320

These two gadgets are appropriate for pet proprietors with lots of pets or individuals that run your dog business rather. Both Marco Polo and Garmin Astro include their particular Gps navigation collars and Gps navigation tracking device. What this means is that you don’t must have any application or cell phone to discover your dog(s). However, this could become quite inconvenient at occasions as you’ve to hold more equipment.

Contributing to their email list of benefits, both gadgets do not require a regular membership service. This helps save a great deal in your expenses over time. Furthermore, Garmin provides more features generally. However, it comes down for any much heftier cost comparatively.

Pod 2

Among the tiniest and lightest trackers, Pod2 is sufficiently small for the cat. This product functions with a mix of Gps navigation, Wireless and 2G technologies, which let you locate your dog anytime, anywhere. Its tracking ability is extremely précised whether inside or outdoors, that is its greatest benefit. Not every products are proficient at both things.

Other benefits of this product include:

Escape Alerts Function that can help you obtain alerts in case your pet leaves your set boundary.

Completely waterproof

Includes two rechargeable batteries. Because of its application development company to build up a Pod application that informs you once the battery is running low.

Fits just about all collar types

Affordable subscription fee – free for that newbie and $49 each year later.

Records your dog’s level of activity enabling you to monitor their physical fitness levels

TrackR Bravo

The TrackR Bravo is a superb and cheaper option to pet trackers like Giraffus Locator. Although it works virtually much like other pet trackers, the tag is small , appropriate for small pets.

TrackRBravo has a awesome feature – Crowd Gps navigation. The tracker uses Bluetooth rather of RF. So, whenever your device is out of their range, other users of TrackR Application will help you locate your dog. Whenever another user comes within the plethora of your tracker, you’ll be updated of their new location on the map.

Whistle Activity Monitor

While Whistle is not a real tracking device, it rather records the game of the pets. This can be a smartphone-based pet tracking device that records all kind of data regarding your pet’s daily behavior, as well as their activity levels. A awesome feature of the system is its automatic are convinced that intimates you about how exactly active your pet was on the particular day and whether or not this needs more exercise.


TabCat is crafted for the kitty’s collar helping you discover them when they go missing. Rather of connecting it for an iPhone application, this product has a RF receiver that shows nearby signal on the strip of LEDs. After that it causes the sensor to beep, indicating where your cat is.

The tracking device has lots of benefits – it’s sufficiently small to suit a cat’s collar easily, you don’t have to pay an information subscription, also it should get an indication within 400 ft.

Hope these tracking devices is needed you are taking proper care of your pets better. You can share your preferred pet tracking devices for the pet enthusiasts.

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