Tips for Finding an Office Job You’ll Love

There are so many types of jobs and careers in both Austin and San Antonio, but even still it sometimes feels like the job prospects are limited. Blue collar work is on the wane as automation can handle a lot of the work that people used to do. Perhaps, then, an office job is what you need. But, how do you go about finding an office job? There are several things you can do to increase your chances, from beefing up your online presence to using office temp agencies. Here are some tips for not only finding an office job, but finding one you’ll love.


Find Your Niche

If you’re not sure what industry in which you’d like to work, then brainstorm what you think are the more in-demand industries for office workers. These include real estate, financial services, and health care. Even if you end up not enjoying those sectors, you can always use the transferrable skills you’ve gained to move elsewhere after some time. Once you’ve chosen a sector, you can also choose by company size and location. Perhaps you’d prefer a smaller company that feels like a family, or maybe you’d rather a larger company with better benefits and often better salaries.


Update Your LinkedIn

Having an online presence, such as LinkedIn, is a must in this day and age. Employers should be able to check your profile and see everything they need to know about you. You should have a professional-looking photo. Selfies are fine, but make sure it’s in a professional setting and not at the beach or a concert. Your tagline can also give them a glimpse of your personality. Your profile should then provide detailed highlights of your experience, strengths, and include any important keywords that you think hiring managers might be looking for.


Brush Up On The Technology

We all know that the ability to use a typewriter is no longer a marketable skill, but there are many software skills that you simply have to have. These include word processing and accounting programs, or spreadsheet and presentation programs. You can take courses for various software applications and put them in your resume to highlight your knowledge.


Use an Agency

Office temp agencies will be personally invested in your success and happiness, and are a valuable tool in finding an office job. They can provide you with resume-building and networking techniques, as well as prep you for interviews and other job search skills. They can search various companies and industries that best fit your personality along with your wants and needs. One of the best parts of using office temp agencies is that you can try different sectors and job types to see what you like. If something isn’t a good fit, you can simply ask the agency to help you find another placement. It takes the pressure off of finding that “perfect’ job on the first attempt.


Change Your Attitude

Or, at the very least, highlight your great attitude as often as possible. Soft skills are so important in landing a great job. When meeting with employers, make sure your personality and communication skills shine through. You don’t want them to think you might be a drag on the rest of the staff. You want them to think that your personality and attitude will be an asset to the company.


Finding an office job is within your grasp if you follow these tips.