Morocco’s secrets

Its capital is Rabat, the crowded city is Casablanca, and one of the most popular destinations about the Morocco Tours is the Sahara Desert Tour. All this information is basic information and is well known. Although there are many curious facts that only the fans number one of this country will know, as people that have done many Morocco Tours could know.

A Morocco tour operator will not tell you this information, or a person that has never been in this country. But, if you have the opportunity of doing many Morocco Tours or research a lot, you probably will hear about these curious facts, for sure.

Morocco has the biggest track sky. It is the perfect option for people who love diversity. For this reason, going to the track sky could be a perfect activity for your free time on the weekends. In case you have doubts, it is important to say that this track sky is the biggest track in Africa, and it is found in Oukaimeden, in the high Atlas, to 75 kilometers of the imperial Marrakech city.

For this reason, if you plan a Morocco trip, this activity must be mandatory included in any people’s plan. Additionally, any Morocco Tour would be agree about including this activity in its itinerary, due to it is a different activity and many people do not think they will be able to do this. Also, being in the biggest track sky must be an unforgettable experience; everybody will be pleased to be a part of it.

Apart from famous places, Morocco has an expensive and luxurious education. It is not all about shopping and tourism in Morocco, there is also an important part involved in education. Loving languages and quality of education it is reflected in good universities that all cities have. The university located in Lfrane, is the second university –one of the most expensive and great- of Africa. When you do Tours in Morocco, tourist can take pictures outside, in front of this beautiful university. So, here we know that Moroccan are concerned about education due to its high levels of quality.

The half bright moon is another curious thing about Morocco. There are some symbols that are famous worldwide and we know about them because they are recognized. In this case, Morocco has an exception with the Red Cross in the pharmacies. Moroccan pharmacies are identified with a half bright moon. This is really curious because it is different than other parts of the world. So, watch out! If you need a pharmacy do not look for the famous Red Cross, just remember about what you read in this article and everything will be fine.

The good side of internet is finding useful information and these curious facts are really good when going to another country and all people are sure about it. After reading this article I ensure you will know facts that you never heard about them before. Just imagine you are doing Tours in Morocco and you need a pharmacy and you do not find it. After knowing about the different symbol they have they will do it. Also, knowing about famous places is really useful when travelling to another country. Shara desert, great universities, Marrakech, Fma el Jnaa square and other places that you should discover.

So, whenever you think about traveling to another country, remember it is important to do a research before going to the other country because when you leave home you are going to deal with a total different world with different cultures and it may be funny at the beginning but then you will get to use to it!