MIRAFX Releases New Image Editing Software

Powerful software offers new image editing and graphic design capabilities to digital artists and photographers.

27 May 2015 – MIRAFX today released STILL, a non-destructive image editing software equipped with tools ranging from photo editing to photo-book design and batch processing.

With non-destructive editing, batch processing and graphic design available in one place, STILL is a feature-rich tool ideal for photography enthusiasts and digital artists who are looking for an affordable image processing product that will let them enhance or stylize photos and to create collages. With more than 70 effects, filters and collage options, interested individuals are given a chance to achieve satisfying results right from the start.

STILL offers tools to enhance photos using color correction filters or to apply a whole series of fully customizable effects ranging from blurs, color adjustments, glows and shadows to cartoons, sketches and deformations. Effects can also be applied to a part of the image or through a mask. MIRAFX’s unique SoftLight effect is perfect for enhancing portraits with its capability to smooth, soften and add dimension to skin tones.

Creating collages from photos, vector files, image directories, shapes and text is made simple with STILL. It offers visual transformation tools such as positioning, resizing, rotating, manual or automatic cropping and several blending modes. Users can create borders and backgrounds and fill them with color gradients, textures or vector patterns for which they can choose from over 200 available shapes. The software includes the options to add effects, masks and borders to individual items allowing them to enhance photos and make collages in one step.

STILL allows users to create photo-books and export them to PDF files or to print directly from the software. They can also create and save their own presets that include effect chains and collage templates as well as import and export presets from their project.

Making STILL even more valuable is the feature that allows users to work with multiple images and directories in one project. They can create, import, preview, process and export thousands of different images at once or apply effects, objects and presets to a series of images.

“STILL is not only about adjusting images, it is also about crafting new visuals and pushing them beyond ordinariness through digital processing,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “With STILL we have created an attractive combination of power, convenience and value in one product.”


STILL 1.0 costs $89 and is designed for photographers and digital artists. It includes free updates and support. STILL is available now and can be downloaded from mirafx.com. It is compatible with any PC running Windows Vista, 7 or 8. Available versions of the software include 32 bit and 64 bit.


Established in 2012, MIRAFX aims to help photography enthusiasts and professionals transform ordinary images into breathtaking visuals through user-friendly products.

For more information, feel free to visit mirafx.com at their photo editor.