Masonic Working Tools

A stonemason has their own tools he uses to accomplish any kind of stonework. But it doesn’t mean that Freemasons don’t have tools that belongs to them. Just as they do not lay bricks or focus on stone in their lodges does not necessarily mean that they don’t need other things. Actually, besides the different Mason regalia utilized in rituals, there’s also tools connected with every degree that the Mason arrives at.

Joined Apprentice

24-inch Gauge

A gauge (or perhaps a ruler) can be used to determine the hrs of every day. Only at that degree, Masons are trained to split a full day into three, spending 3 hrs on sleep or refreshment, 8 hrs around the service of God yet others in need of assistance, and eight hrs on work and also the usual vocations.

Common Gavel

The most popular gavel, unlike other gavels, has one finish which comes to some extent. For normal stonemasons, this really is accustomed to nick away edges on bricks and gemstones. However for Freemasons, it symbolizes the skill of chipping away the various vices along with other superficial desires from the heart.

set of working tools on wooden boards


In america, this really is frequently overlooked. Within the United kingdom however, this remains an essential meaning within the Joined Apprentice degree. In tangible existence, stonemasons make use of the chisel to get rid of flaws from the jewel. Within this Masonic degree, it symbolizes the way the human mind may become more beautiful with the endless journey towards more understanding.



A 90-degree ruler, it asks Masons to make certain they square their actions through their morals and values.


The amount has turned into a indication of equality among Masonic siblings. Additionally, it implies that every Masonic brother shares exactly the same goal and will also be judged through the same laws and regulations.


Also known as like a plumb line (for stonemasons), it reminds Masons to remain just, honest and upright.

Master Mason


The trowel symbolizes the necessity to spread brotherly love, using the theoretical cement it’s distributing symbolizing the strong unity or bond among siblings.


Even though the pencil appears to become a common tool within an actual stonemason’s job, in Freemasonry, it symbolizes how God has exactly what people do written lower. Around the judgment day, their list is going to be consulted and will also be the foundation for the way you will be judged.


The skirrit, in stonework, can be used to attract an ideal line on the floor. In Freemasonry, it’s a indication that you follow the aim of perfection the brotherhood has set.


The compasses are some of the most widely used indicating Freemasonry, as well as turns out to be probably the most important tools. It reminds Freemasons to understand the boundaries between good and evil in line with the rules from the Great Architect from the World.

Seeing how these power tools assist in every amount of Freemasonry, it’s no question that also they are signs symbols that show up on important Masonic regalia.
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