Dog Adoption: Things to Consider Before You Take the Plunge

Choosing to adopt a dog isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. Dog adoption shouldn’t happen when you’re out shopping and decide on a whim to pick up German Shepherd puppies on the way home like you might a latte or a milkshake. The process of adopting a dog in San Antonio should be methodical and deliberate, taking into account many factors. These are animals that will come into your home and be a part of the family for many years, and you and the pup deserve a happy and loving home life. Here are some things you need to consider before you adopt a dog.


Who Will Take Care of the Dog?

It’s true that kids will often ask for a puppy, and “promise” to take care of it. However, that doesn’t always end up being the case. If you have kids who make that vow, then be prepared to do the majority of the legwork. Someone in the family should be the designated caretaker so that they can ensure that the needs of the dog are taken care of. A child’s interest in those German Shepherd puppies will ebb and flow as they go through life changes and changes in their interests throughout the years. If you’re a parent, you should be fully prepared to be the main caregiver for the dog’s full lifetime.


What is Your Family Like?

It’s important to take into consideration your family makeup when going through the dog adoption process. What are your ages? Are you a busy family or are you “homebodies”? Are you active? All of these factors will play into what type of dog would be appropriate to choose. If you have small children, then medium or large sized dogs might be better, as they are more tolerant of rough play or annoyances like ear-pulling and eye-poking. Also, if your family isn’t prepared to provide longer walks and regular exercise, then a high-energy dog isn’t appropriate for your family. All dogs need exercise and walks, for the record, but some need more than others.


How Much Is My Budget?

Dog adoption in New Braunfels can cost anywhere from free to thousands of dollars. Buying from pet shops is usually more expensive than from breeders or dog rescues. Don’t think that if a dog is free that there are no expenses. If you choose one of those German Shepherd puppies, then be prepared for many expenses that will make up a much higher amount than what you paid to initially buy the dog. Things to consider include veterinary visits, dog training, and food, just for starters. Every dog will go through some kind of veterinary emergency at some point in their lives, as well. Plus, you must consider the regular costs of grooming, toys, and any extra products to keep your house clean, like carpet cleaners and vacuums.


How Much Time Do I Have?

When thinking about dog adoption, your time must be taken into consideration. The dog deserves a happy life with a family that will spend time with it and provide it love and attention. If you can’t provide that, then perhaps dog adoption is not for you. You must have time to walk your dog, as well as train and play with them. Just as you wouldn’t consider neglecting your children, you should also not neglect your dog.


A dog can be an amazing addition to your family. You just have to make sure you consider all factors before you take the plunge and adopt one.