Coolest Summertime Dessert Recipes

Have you ever lately been in a lookout for many summertime desserts?

Desserts which are offered cold always their very own charm.

One might frequently think that their email list of cold desserts is covered with frozen treats in the numerous flavors.

However if you’re planning for something new, Shrikhand is essential try.

Shrikhand is actually among the smartest dessert recipes in Indian foods. This really is simple to make, scrumptious to possess.

Produced from curd because the base material, Shrikhand is at the top of protein.

If your little one isn’t keen on dairy food that much, choose Shrikhand, and you’d realized that the baby develops an idea for dairy food.

Another best benefit about opting for Shrikhand is its easy preparation. If you don’t plan to spend over our limits time get yourself ready for a dessert, Shrikhand may be the alternative to choose.

Within ten minutes, you might have scrumptious Shrikhand prepared, prepared to be offered!

When you are a knack of creating Shrikhand, you can even give it a try because the base material for a number of other recipes.

Consider mango flavored Shrikhand on hot summer time afternoons, to have an instance.

Have Shrikhand inside a nice fruity flavor by mixing chopped fruits using the dessert for any fruit Shrikhand.

If you want Shrikhand, there’s no more a want to get packaged Shrikhand from outdoors. You are able to prepare the dessert straight from your house!

And you’d uncover that the visitors have been in awe from the meal you ready! Shrikhand is actually the best method to prepare a feast yourself and provide catering services a rest.

Let us browse the recipe for Shrikhand


Preparation Time: 3 hrs

No Cooking

Serves 4


1 kg. Thick curds

3/4 cup powdered sugar

A couple of saffron strands

1 tablespoon warm milk

2 teaspoons cardamom (elaichi) powder

‘Shrikhand’ (Sweet Strained Yogurt) is made of curd. The components include hung yogurt.

Hung yogurt is created by putting curd inside a muslin cloth and putting enough pressure at the pinnacle to remove water.

The solid mixture that continues to be may be the hung yogurt.

Other ingredients for Shrikhand include

Cardamom powder

Powdered sugar

Saffron with a few milk and finely chopped almond and pista

First we’ll beat hung yogrut inside a bowl

Add powdered sugar towards the bowl, adopted by elaichi powder. Mix well.

Now add saffron milk adopted by chopped almond and pistas. Mix well.

Shrikhand is prepared, make the fridge to awesome.

Garnish with chopped almonds and pistachios, and serve cold.

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