Consider Secure Shredding Services for an Annual Document Purge

There is a very good chance that your office has a lot of documents filed away or even laying around that probably no one is ever going to need again. Many of those documents might already be digital files as well, so the hard copies are not really needed. Whatever the situation, if there is a large quantity of unneeded and unused paper, then perhaps using secure shredding services will help you thin out your piles and get more organized. A good schedule for this is about once a year. You can schedule it in advance of your slow season, and get the staff to look through documents that can be destroyed. Here’s some further information about annual document purges and why you might consider secure shredding services to do the job.



A good time to do this purge is right after the fiscal year ends. Having it at a specific time every year is a bonus because the end of the fiscal can be a reminder to you that it’s time to purge those documents. Much like it’s suggested to change your smoke detector batteries during every time change, end of fiscal is a great time to put the shredding thought in your mind. You may even need to set up a yearly service contract with your shredding company.


Why Purge?

There are fewer and fewer reasons these days to continue using as much paper as offices did in the past. For instance, now the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will accept digital versions of documents, so you can save them on your hard drive or with your email provider. Banks and other businesses that traditionally provided mailed statements now make it easy just to pick up your invoices and other banking materials digitally. If you have documents lying around but have a perfectly good digital copy, then it’s a great move to use a shredding company that features many secure shredding services, to purge your documents.


Using Professionals

A professional shredding company is the best option for taking care of your purging needs. It doesn’t need to be an annual purge, either. It can be done every quarter, every two years, or whatever timeframe you need. They can destroy the documents with the best security procedures and in the most efficient way possible. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your secure information will not get out into the public.



Let’s face it, a lack of organization can lead to a host of problems, not the least of which is lost productivity. You may have a fine-tuned filing system and haven’t had any problems to date, but the more documents you add, the more difficult something may end up being to find. If your documents are digital and get misfiled on your computer, you can always do a document name search to retrieve it. You can keep your filing room neat and organized by filing hard copies in only the most needed situations, and purging the rest.


Getting rid of documents that you no longer need or that can be accessed digitally is a great way to free up space and keep things more organized. Try planning an annual purge so that you regularly clear out your filing system.