You have booked your vacation, but what about travel insurance?

You have just booked your dream vacation and know you should consider getting travel insurance, but you have no idea what  you should get.  What companies are good?  What parts of your travel should be insured?  You need some help.  That is where the travel insurance forum on comes in.  Check out the existing threads to get started and look into what is available.  Then start formulating your questions to post.


Depending on what your trip involves you should look at the insurances you already have and ask the question of whether you actually have the coverage you need.  Look at what your homeowners, car, life, and health insurances cover.  Check credit card benefits and look into consumer protection laws.  Think about what you feel should be covered and what is such a small amount of risk that you don’t feel you need to bother with coverage.  Are you really going to take such high value items that you need to insure yourself against loss of your belongings?  Of course you don’t want to lose clothing, but is it so special you need to insure it?  If you are worried about dying in a plane crash you should be sure you own enough life insurance, not purchase travel insurance since you may die in a car crash on the way to the airport!


If your trip is going to take you out of the United States your medical insurance probably will not provide coverage.  You may want to consider getting medical travel insurance.  If you are going to a region with political unrest or other general turmoil you may suddenly need to be evacuated.  Look for travel insurance that would help you in this instance.  You may be worried that something could suddenly make you cancel your trip.  If you have elderly parents or a significant health issues yourself think about travel insurance that will cover you if these types of issues force you to cancel your plans to travel.


There are many different aspects of travel that can be insured and there are many different companies that offer travel insurance.  Think carefully about whether you need insurance for trip cancellation, trip interruption, evacuation, flight insurance, lost baggage, or medical care.  Compare policies by different companies that cover the same things so that you will not over spend.


Be sure to ask lots of questions about what is covered in a policy and be careful about purchasing travel insurance from a travel agent or cruise line.  The policies they hawk may not really meet your needs even though they would be quick and easy to purchase.  Check out what people are saying on the travel insurance forum and be sure to post your questions there as well.  Multiple companies offer many different kinds of policies.  If you are feeling confused let other people’s experiences help guide you.  If someone needed to make a claim on a policy from the company you are considering buying from, but they had a terrible experience, you may decide to get travel insurance from a different company.  If something goes wrong the last thing you need to deal with is a company with a poor claims process.